Currently, I am working on a project characterizing the gender differences between males and females with airway disease and dissecting out the mechanism behind hormonal influences on the airway epithelium. I have a strong background in biochemistry, hormone biology, genetics, and spermatogonial stem cells. My previous research involved, understanding the spermatogonial niche and genetics of male infertility. PhD Thesis: Genetic and Molecular Evaluation of Male Infertility with Particular Emphasis on Y chromosome Microdeletions: TEACHING EXPERIENCE: Lectures and practical classes for graduate and post graduate zoology students Ruia College June 2000 – June 2001 Trained graduate and post graduate students in molecular biology techniques at the National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health in yearly summer training programs 2002 – 2008. Delivered lectures for WHO organized workshops 2004 – 2007. Trained STARS students (Science Teacher Access to Resources at UT Southwestern) 2010-2015.