I completed my PhD in Plant Genetics and Breeding (Crop Germplasm Genomics and Molecular Breeding) from Key Lab of Germplasm, Genomics and Molecular Breeding/ China Agricultural University, Beijing, China on research titled “Mining of Lodging Resistance Genes by Linkage and Association Mapping in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)”. Now I am working as an Assistant professor, at the department of Plant Breeding and Genetics at “University of Agriculture Faisalabad”, the top agriculture university of Pakistan. During my research I develop my skills for bioinformatics tools as; Nucleotides Sequence, SNP-polymorphism and InDels analysis, Haplotype analysis, Domestication, Diversity and phylogenetic analysis, Pathways analysis by GO-analysis, KEGG, DAVID etc. As well as learned a lot of Genomics and Breeding techniques as; Bi-parental and multiple population based Genes/QTLs linkage mapping, Genome wide association studies (GWAS), Whole genome sequence analysis, Population structure study.